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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Pandora's Box is here !!!

                                                                                                                                                             December is a month of happiness. Everyone's preparing for christmas, holidays, fun and frolic.

And we all love gifts!

How about you get a chance to win a book?

Here's presenting the first ever contest on So many Books, So Little Time...(SMBSLT)

The Vampire-Fetish Diaries

The Vampire Diaries.



Interview with the vampire.

The charm of the vampires,those blood-sucking, nocturnal monstrous creatures does not seem to subside. They continue to enthrall and captivate us. Let us decipher the aura of enigma around vampires and our attraction to them . 

What we are looking for?

1) As far as the format goes, we provide you with creative freedom: you can submit articles, poetry, prose....

2) Many of you might ask: How many words? We do not wish to limit you, because if you write interesting stuff, we would love to read as much as we can, but then if you have succinct views, you may as well opt for a smaller post. We recommend, you write anywhere between 400-1500 words.

3)The last date for submission is 28th December 2013, and don't worry if you are having a mid-night crisis, you can send in your entries at 1 a.m. on 29th too. ;)

4) Evaluation parameters: We love a rich use of words, succinct thoughts, puns, alliteration, metaphors... embellish your entry with these...just don't overdo it. Be creative. Be optimistic. Be humorous.

5) This contest is open to Indian residents only.

6) For every fifteen entries received there will be a winner, so to multiply your chances of winning, encourage friends to participate!
Who knows, participation might also bring a gift! ;)

Submission guidelines:

Last date: 28th December

Submit as an attachment named _.docx (yes microsoft word document)
and just to make sure, paste the text in the body of the email as well.

Submit the article with your name, address, contact # to
Contact us for any queries on the same id.
Or fill in the form below:

What are you waiting for? Let the creative juices flow...

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