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Tuesday 4 March 2014

Author Interview and spotlight: Harsh Agarwal

He is one of those rare multi-faceted personalities you get to know in a lifetime.
Harsh Agarwal, who has just embarked his twenties, believes that life is all about experimenting and exploring. An artist by soul, an entrepreneur by profession and an engineer by education, Harsh has played a diverse range of roles in a very short span of time. A true foodie and a huge travel enthusiast, Harsh loves to meet new people and try new things. At present, he is residing in the beautiful state of Assam to complete his graduation in National Institute of Technology, Silchar
Harsh Aggarwal is the author of three books. His latest, Nazaqat was reviewed by us here.

1)     How do you feel on getting published?
Well it’s my third time but trust me, it feels equally good! I was equally ecstatic when I held the book in my hands for the first time. As clich├ęd as it maybe, but there is no better way to put it – that is it felt like you are holding your baby for the first time.
2)     What was writing like? Lonely? What was it like to get under the skin of the characters, especially since you have etched certain intricate characters?
Writing the book is definitely lonely. Especially when you are writing a full length book, you need to avoid all sorts of temptations and keep on writing it. Usually authors take break of months and write it in a very intermittent manner. I personally don’t believe in taking such long breaks while writing which makes the entire procedure tedious and of course, lonely. Getting into the skin of characters – it can give you Goosebumps at times. While you are diving into the depths of character, knowing their darkest secrets, knowing them better than themselves…you get a point where you can feel them alive. And that is the point from where they go with their own flow. You no more direct them. Rather, you become one with them. It’s just amazing…beyond description perhaps.
3)     Why did you choose to write the story of a prostitute, some calculated risk?
I never chose the concept. It chose me. That’s what I believe when it comes to concepts and ideas. We don’t control them. They just happen at random times at random places and this is indeed the sheer beauty of ideas.
Didn’t really think about risk. I just thought it was a brilliant idea and I won’t die in peace if I had abandon it!
4)     What is your life like, apart from writing? Who/what inspires you to write.
Apart from writing, I have this small firm of mine named The Asylum which consumes most of my time. And I am still completing my graduation in NIT Silchar, Assam. In my leisurely hours, I like to travel, interact, socialize, read, observe and think. You can visit my website to know more about me.
I get inspired by small little things in life. A moment of happiness or gloom, a little playing kid on the street or maybe an old woman sitting on a desolated bench in the park. Just anything!

5)     So, who is the writer, Sasha, Mathews, or Harsh?
All of them actually. Mathews wrote it initially. I guess Harsh found it somewhere and then maybe, Sasha stole it!

6)     Any message to your readers?
Just keep reading! It definitely rinses your soul. Be open-minded and keep on trying new things. Life is all about experimenting and exploring!
Information source: personal author interview and author website

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