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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Book Review: Stuck in the Yuck of depression, anxiety...

About the book:
Trauma can happen to anyone. Do any of the following sound true about you? You find yourself feeling depressed. You feel hopeless, helpless and despairing. Your dreams and goals are unfulfilled. You are stuck in chaotic patterns leading you nowhere. Your life seems meaningless. If any or all of these statements apply to you, then a culprit could be unresolved trauma. Stuck in the Yuck helps you to identify your trauma. Then you can properly heal it and move forward into a happy life which you so richly deserve. Imagine a life filled with joy, laughter, fun and excitement. It could be yours if you merely heal your trauma.

SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / General
Aug 22, 2013
                         Price: $14.95 (paperback)
                                    $8.00 (e-book)
About the authors:
Barbara Swicegood and Janice Turber are specially trained psychotherapists who work with traumatized individuals and families. They utilize their specialized techniques found in their book to assist people all over the world. Barbara and Janice are internationally known speakers, working in the Atlanta area, who have trained other professionals.

Book Trailer:

My review:

Traumatic experiences set into motion a wide spectrum of reactions, ranging from escapism, to substance abuse to concocted fallacious beliefs.
The book throws light on all aspects of trauma, depression and hopelessness and seeks to renew the vigor of life and hope for a better life.
The contents of the book are well-researched, the sole credit goes to the writers who are experts in the field.
The book states the facts in a lucid manner.
It is not something that will have universal appeal, for it deals with the different human emotions interspersed with examples or cases.
It delves deeper into the causes and the physiognomy of trauma, and helps people in depression or anxiety know that they are not alone, and that they can combat these crippling emotions.

It really, really is a book of hope.

Getting to the specifics, it begins with an exercise to define trauma, next it advances towards the cause and consequences of childhood trauma, the perturbation of being stuck, getting prejudiced by judgement, it explores the reasons behind this dormancy, and goes on with a comprehensive exhaustive chapter on
"Resources and information which assist in self-awareness".
This, I would say is the best part.

Also, it is not a preachy or eloquent amalgamation of words.
Rather it is complete in that it states also the techniques to help you heal, the aftermath etc.

My Judgement:
If you or your lived one is going through a difficult experience, give it a read.


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