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Monday, 16 June 2014 connecting books with their readers

So, you are broke, but you cannot resist buying the bestseller everyone is talking about?
That famous book is being adapted into a movie, and online stores are running out of copies?
You need that book for a project or assignment and in a bad turn of events, it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere?
Or do you have a rusty bookshelf, with tons of books you read a long time back? Why not share them with others? is the place to be.

A small tribute to Aaron Swartz and a step towards continuing his legacy!

Yes, that is the philosophy behind
Aaron Swartz was a computer programming prodigy and activist who played an instrumental role in the campaign for a free and open Internet and used technology to fight social, corporate and political injustices.
Aaron Swartz stood for what he believed was fair and just. In his fight against SOPA he helped preserve our freedom to connect and with his several other contributions he preserved our freedom to collaborate. His life and work were testimony to his love for solving society’s problems with technology. His life inspires us to have curiosity and stand by our sense of righteousness. A year back he left us all and the world was a lesser place. Especially moved by his efforts to free knowledge and would like to carry forward his legacy, the founders at kickstarted an open source and community led project to enable and encourage free exchange of knowledge.

Wanna know how it works:

How is it different?

So, well, you may ask this app has been made for booklovers, so what?
This app is literally a trailblazer. The idea is simple – to create a virtual community of book lovers who can buy/sell/barter books with other like-minded people; but the scale is large – we want a global audience. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the app is just unbelievable, the dream of every bibliophile.
Remember those cartons full of books you have lying in the garage and cupboards? Imagine if you could trade every book you own for books that you’ve always wanted to read.
This app precisely lets you do that- on a global scale!

Our review

We give this app Thumbs up for its intention, simplicity and for the gap that it seeks to fill up.

Download it here:

Snapshot of the app:

Our Verdict: 

This app, just like the love for reading that it promotes, is sui generis.

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