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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

App Review:

We all know how ubiquitous apps have become in our lives. Recently, we were told that apps usage accounts for 50% of the time spent on digital media. Come to think of it, and the state of affairs become coherent and lucid: you want to go shopping? Try online. Navigating your way through the snarl of traffic and cannot find the place? Search for the route on your phone. Want to book tickets? “Online”  pat comes the reply. Having a tough time finding a good cafĂ© nearby? Want to hang out at a historical monument nearby? Want to shop at the lowest prices? Want to compare prices for a product? Scouting for coupons and vouchers? Looking for reliable customer/user reviews?

The idea of combining all these things into one app, like an “All in 1” go-to place, a one-stop solution for all your queries, the ultimate app, is something that was the most obvious thing to design to cater to the convenience need of the users. It was an idea whose time has come, an idea that was waiting to be given a form and shape. Lo and behold, we have what is touted is the Bapp of all Apps. This app, which you can easily recognize from the face of the star roped in for its promotion is
Amusingly, or annoyingly, it opens up to the image of Ranbir Kapoor himself, which makes us think if it has gone a little too ahead while banking on the star power.

Well, let’s get to it: enables you to search for classifieds, deals, products, services, information and whatnot right down to the accuracy of your locality.
The home screen has three fields. First one is the field to enter the item you are looking for. Second detail is your locality. And the third field is your city. The application detects your city automatically using your phone’s GPS. If it doesn’t then manually typing your city in the field would do the trick. Under the city field, there is a search button. After searching, you can browse through the reviews of the item. The contact details are also made available to make your reaching out to them easy and blissful. This is a glimpse into the wider reach of the application.


1.      The search filter gives details of the various business houses near your location.
2.      It promises best deal at best prices.
3.      Contact details, which are given, like zomato, make it endearing to the user.
4.      Sharing with friends and acquaintances over social media is another giveaway
5.      It occupies a meager space on the phone, much to the relief of the users whose eternal woes include shortage of space.
6.      The reviewing platform, although nothing breakthrough, is a quintessential example of the convenience peculiar to this app.
7.      It is also a buying and selling platform like OLX
8.      Saves substantial surfing time by giving results relatively quickly.


1.      The listing window is fickle, and the database is exhaustive, perhaps, a search filter can do wonders.
2.      Future updates are expected to make it flawless, immaculate.
They call themselves the Baap of all apps, they might not be wrong. That it is free is a fact that doesn't suck either. A little finishing on the database, and it will hit it right. For the minuscule MB space occupied, having it on your smartphone is a fair deal.

How to download the app

Android users can download the app for free from Google Play. So make your searches simpler, and fun, and let this app addict you to it. 

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