Sunday, 31 August 2014

Delhi Book Fair 2014: My visit

As always, I religiously visited the book fair in my city.

Today was the last day of the fair, and I was expecting to be caught in multitudes of crowds. But contrary to my expectations, I had a relatively easy journey, what with the lesser footfall this year.
Now the debate about the pros and cons of the e-book culture that ensues is an altogether different story, let's just save that for another day.
So, while I had to travel for more than an hour, (and as has been always been ceremoniously customary, it rained) and braved the weather, it was a heavenly bliss to be finally surrounded by books.

As you may have guessed by now, I thronged to all stalls and halls, and it was even dizzying to be surrounded by soooo many books. Since it was the last day, "sale/discount" on classics was a pleasure. And I got myself more books than I had thought possible within my budget.

I dont think I will be buying anymore classics for a year. (I know I know, even if I promise, I will budge pretty soon)

The temptation of the hard-bound classics, the undying appeal of the boxsets, getting free bookish stuff like writing pads and bookmarks. This is what book fair is all about.

You may also have gauged that it was, indeed, a tiring day. So, I take leave with this brief blog.
With the realization that:


  1. I have fond memories of visiting the Delhi book fair with my friends and now that I am out of Delhi, ur post makes me miss the city even more.

    1. I am sure it did! Do come by one day :)


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