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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Book Review: F**k It Is the Answer by John C Parkin

About the book:

Think of a question – any question! (okay, maybe not a question like “what was the name of my physics teacher?”). Then turn to a page, and experience the magic… the magic of F**k It. We all have questions. And the bestselling F**k It books have provided answers to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The F**k It philosophy – of not worrying so much, of letting go more, of caring less what others think and doing your own thing – has provided answers that work in real life, every day.

In F**k It Is the Answer, John C. Parkin adds another element to the F**k It mix: by inviting you to ask your question, and then turn randomly to a page that offers you a F**k It-style answer, he recruits the magical powers of your own unconscious… or ‘fate’… or ‘spirit’… or whatever it is that seems to guide us to the correct answers when we allow it. So this book is about ‘allowing it’. Just as F**k It is about ‘allowing it’ – relaxing, trusting, going with the flow, and allowing the magic to happen. This book is F**k It Squared: taking the powerful wisdom of F**k It, and then recruiting whatever worldly or unworldly magic it is that makes this work.

Make no mistake though: work it does.

So… ask your question, and turn to a page

Hardcover, 248 pages
Published November 10th 2014 by Hay House, Inc.

About the Author:

John & Gaia have had a huge amount of press coverage over the last few years: mainly for their F**k It books and F**k It Weeks, but also for setting up The Hill That Breathes retreat centre in Italy, which won 'Best European Retreat' in 2011.

More about them here
My Review:

"As a guide, say, you ask any question, and open up a random page for the answer, it can be a great resource indeed."
Our generation takes pride in the fact that they couldn't care less. Like, we have become so accustomed to hearing these ubiquitous phrases: so what?, big deal! what have I got to do with it? or the classic, "F**k it"

And this book provides us a way to channel all our energy into f**cking it, not giving a damn, but on a spiritual level. It does not make you feel guilty about being so carefree, instead this particular book tells you how f**k it is the answer to all your problems, questions, nagging doubts.
As it turns out, this is a book in a series of such books where the authors have brought forward the f**k it therapy.
I did not know about it before, and now upon seeing how successfully the whole mechanism is going on, the book begins to make sense. 
The first read made me feel all nauseous and I doubted if it was all just a parody. Sooner rather than later did I realize that this book was in fact re-iterating a strategy so that it becomes a chant for the reader. 
Certainly, the book helped me chant the apparently magical words to get through all questions: whether it be lack of focus, or lack of perspective. F**k it is the answer to all situations according to the book.
Although I haven't be able to comprehend in entirety what logical difference this strategy makes in times of difficulties or dilemmas, I will admit that it is at least a vent to the pent-up emotions.
As a guide, say, you ask any question, and open up a random page for the answer, it can be a great resource indeed.

Disclaimer: I received the review ebook from NetGalley

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