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Friday, 3 April 2015

What I did while I was gone!

As some of the regular readers of the blog may have noticed, I have been conspicuous by my absence. The blog remained abandoned for longer than is usual, and it was an unplanned hiatus.
I was dealing with so much in life, I never realized how time passed by.

Today, as I write this post, I have no words to describe how liberating and cathartic it is to publish a post finally after so long.

Here's what I was doing in these couple months that I was away, because, dear readers, i owe it to you:

1. Starting a venture of my own:

Yes! I am still in college and I began with a venture of my own. I started the first Indian and International chapter of Spoon University. Do check out the awesome content my team is creating there. It has been a helluva roller-coaster.

2. College society:
I was busy doing all sorts of stuff at college where I head the Women's Development Cell & am a part of the union. We had an action-packed month with a plethora of events. The space here is too short for listing 'em all.

3. Studying
of course, whenever I could, I managed some time from all this for studying the hitherto neglected notes- I liked reading them too, but alas, I had mismanaged priorities. I may have flunked one of my mid-semester exams.

4. Felling sad
Yes, I have felt sad more times than I can count, and for more reasons than can ever justify all this. Battled several emotional ups-and-downs (read: non-clinical depression), and physical injuries (still am), which was intermittently overridden by my guilt at neglecting this blog.

But now, I have recuperated, and I promise to make this place more happening than ever!


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