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Monday, 11 May 2015

Book Review: Awaken the Leader in you

About the book:

Awaken the leader in You by Mitesh & Indu Khatri is a business related self-help book based on leadership skills for everyone. In this book the authors discuss the traits and skills required to be a successful leader. It offers a completely new perspective on leadership ,and breaks the myth that leaders are only people at the top management level. Both Mitesh & Indu Khatri have been successfully conducting leadership workshops which has had an impact on many organisations and produced great results. They have used tools and techniques which are simple to understand and implement. This book covers different approaches to leadership in the 21st century, exercises and techniques to make sure you can get something out of every chapter and multiple aspects of leadership which have been validated by some of the best leaders of our country.

About the author:

Mitesh Khatri is one of the most trusted Leadership Trainer, Firewalk Expert, Motivational Speaker & Transformation Coach. With over a decade’s experience he has trained more than 80,000 executives in more than 100 organizations worldwide.
Indu Khatri, the Co-founder of Guiding Light Consultants (GLC) has a rich experience of over 15 years in the IT Industry. She is the principle content designer for all the corporate training programs and coaching sessions of GLC and a co-facilitator of High Impact Programs like Firewalk.
Mitesh & Indu are partners in life and business, which gives them a great advantage in creating extraordinary results in their training programs.
Author website:

My Review:

Awaken the leader in you is a book that brings the obvious facts to fore in a way that leaves you thinking about using it in your life. It is essentially a handbook, a guide more than a self-help in its essence. It doesn't preach. only but instead gives out practical tips on surviving as a leader. For those of us who have been/are at a leadership position, it becomes even more relevant and pragmatic.

I started reading it as yet another self help and I couldn't be more wrong. I couldn't read it that way past two pages. This is one book you need to take notes from, use the tips and apply them to practical real-life situations. Hence, I sat down again with the book and post-its and pen to mark important points and do the exercises as given.
The book reads as if you are just attending one of these workshops, and effectively helps you hone your leadership skills.
Even as leaders, we have some glaring flaws, it helps to eliminate or atleast minimize those.
After Reading, this book was marked by me at so many places. 
The author goes on to explain how anyone of us can uncap and unleash our potential and take up a role of responsibility. From a position of power, it is very easy to become vain or smug or self-satisfied. This book is more beneficial to readers who already have a leadership position, is what I think. I could relate to so many instances/feelings/events because I have been working as a leader for a while. I am not sure I can say the same about the others, who are yet to become a leader.

Some of the anecdotes are truly amazing, what with examples of famous people ranging from Richard Branson toNarayan Murthy.

Then of course, the practicality of the book is evinced in the various exercises it tells us to do. That is precisely where the book becomes beyond engaging. Littered with scientific, verifiable facts to support the leadership lessons, this book was worth the time.
I believe that if self book is effective, we must be able to seek help in times of crisis. Considering this parameter, this book is an overall success.

Best lines: People have vague fancies with. no specifications. Because people are afraid to create a clear vision for fear of failure.

I received this book as a part of reviewers program.

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