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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Book Review: I'd Kill for you by Alan Plessinger

About the book:

This is a private eye novel set in modern-day New York City featuring murderers, missing persons, double-crossers and a colorful cast of supporting characters. When an ex-con's homecoming goes sour and results in a murder, the effective but eccentric De Remer Brothers Detective Agency is called in to sort out the mess. Charlie, Clyde, Gabe, Adam and Riley De Remer - not to be confused with Dreamer - make for an odd group of siblings, much less a cohesive investigative team. Alternately obese, cantankerous, smelly, cheerful and hypersensitive, the group is soon embroiled in a case that reaches far beyond its original scope. Matters are complicated when they discover Lisa, a 16-year-old runaway from Hoboken, has come to New York City to live with her mother. The only problem is that Lisa's mother can't be found and an assassin is hot on the runaway's trail. The De Remers learn that Lisa is connected to their murder case, an investigation that has become a threat to themselves and the girl they have come to care for. Now they must unravel the mystery before the threat of violence catches up with them. 

About the author:
Alan Plessinger is a retired computer programmer living in Northern California. This is his first novel.

My Review:

I'd kill for you is a racy read, at the most suitable pace.
There are two stories being woven into one as intersecting each other. On one hand we have the De Remer brothers who are running a detective agency and have been hired to find Sam Dooley whose wife was killed, making him number one suspect. The story is twisted beyond words, for Sam's son was also killed in the same way years back for which he served sentence earlier. Now, he is mute because of throat cancer.
Lisa is a runaway who has flown to find her mother. She takes her father to be a bad person ho always made life hell for her. was she right in her thoughts of him? Only time will tell.
Our characters: the De Remer brothers have been very carefully etched. The author has taken every meticulous detail of each brother throughout the novel. Although he all had a tinge of criminal attached to them, yet they all endeared themselves.
The dialogues were everything one could wish for. At times hilarious, at times sarcastic at times rhetoric: the dialogues were paradise.
With all their defining peculiar traits, their dialogues were laced with and thoughts were laden with amusement.
Even Lisa's plot and character adds a very good angle to the story plot. A vulnerable runaway in search of mother who turns out to be associated with the Sam Dooley Case

Another very amusing part of the book was the introductory lines before each chapter. It added intense alacrity to know what is ahead.
It has been a very realistic and raw portrayal of the lives of Lisa and the De Remer family.
It was like an episode out of a crime investigation TV show (Read The mentalist or Castle) : amusing hilarious and brain-itching in equal parts
If anything, the novel's narration was a bit simple, with no remarkable ups and down, and a handful of extraneous scenes, although the plot was enough to keep our blood pumping and to compel me to turn pages one after the other.

Over all, I enjoyed reading the book.

I received a copy from the author in return of an honest review. 
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