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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Book Review: The six +1 wish by Anubhav Jyotirmoy

About the book: Book Blurb

We are often so caught up in our daily life and routines that we don't have time to fulfill our own wishes. Sometimes the fear of society's disapproval stops us from doing what we desire. We hesitate in sharing our secrets and truths with our friends, relatives, loved ones and others. We want to express our love for the people around us but always leave it for another day. For most of us though, that day never comes and we carry our hidden desires and wishes to the grave. 

Except for the lucky six!

The Six + 1 wish is the story of how these six do get a second chance to fulfill the biggest wishes of their lives.

My Review:

So, The blurb of the book did not give away even a single detail about the plot. So here we go: the story is a story within a story. Shashank meets Anubhav the narrator and tells him his story. 
Shashank was working in a call centre to support his journalism studies and was paying a visit to his hometown, Gorakhpur. 

This wasn't one of those regular visits though. His childhood friends are with him, chilling over beer when things turn sour and one of them gets killed. His childhood crush, whom he had not even talked to before, meets him with passion. His grandfather is back. And the society, as always is flawed. 

He is trying to make sense of all this, which is when he learns new things about souls. and all philosophies related to them. 

The author has toyed well with the element of suspense and mystery. 
The title of the novella is so ominous and apt, it creeps you out. At some specific twists and turns, it just gets way creepy beyond words. Gripping, it surely is. I read through it till the very end in less than three hours. Unputdownable. Also, simple language and no distractions from the plot.
Too many coincidences were woven together in this fictional account to make them emanate some sense. The author surely has an imagination with potential stories. Even here it seems as if the plot was very clear to the author. Hence he was able to write such a complex theory into fiction and leave the reader flabbergasted. The end is the icing on the cake. The narration however needs a little finishing touches and the plot would benefit a lot from some spice and more horror. It would be justified.



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