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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Book Review: DeadAlive by Sandip Khade

About the book:

Title: DeadAlive
Published by: DreamHouse
Published on: May 12th, 2015
Pages: 176
Genre: Mystery 
Rating: 2.5/5
Blurb: When we read a novel, all the characters in it are suppose to be fictitious; and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, must be entirely coincidental, right? But what if one day you find a Novel and when you start reading it, you feel that you know the characters in it? You feel that you are familiar with the incidences in it. Will it be just a coincidence...?

About the author

Sandip has pursued Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Information Technology and currently working for IT firm in Mumbai.

He was born on October 30 1990, in Mumbai. His interest in writing reached to its peak during his engineering college days.

Apart from reading and writing, his interests are music, science fiction movies and he loves hanging out with friends.

He has keen interest in mystery /fiction genre. Though he is not a voracious reader, he is addicted to writing and cant spend a day without it.

Sandip can be contacted at

My Review:

The concept of the plot is unparalleled, and the blurb makes it clear: it is intriguing to see how the characters can be reproduced in real life, or to find out if it as actually the reverse.
So, with much interest I picked up the book, which is why in the first place I had agreed to review it. And the pace at which it begins really boasts of a potential in the whole plot. It eventually turns out to be a love story, a story about mental illness and other themes. the themes have been well-touched-upon, more could be done to bring an element of empathy with these. It was a great plot, even mysterious, lying on the border of horror even.

Only, the book could have been better at many places, grammar being the first of those issues. The general level of vocabulary and grammatical rules was less than decent, leaving a gargantuan scope for proof-reading. Second issue was that by the time we reached the second half of the novel, it lost a thread and the intrigue it held initially. Again, proof-reading would help synchronize the plot put together in a series of events, unfolding in a way that makes more sense to a reader.

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