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Friday, 12 June 2015

Smelly to smiley: How I spray it away

So it struck me when I was sitting in a cafe, where, given a chance, I'd spend my life. Reason? The ambiance! It is so fresh, full of energy and enervating always. By my third visit, I realized it was because of the pervasive smells and sights.
It was a book cafe. Now I am a bibliophile, and my life revolves around my bookshelf. No kidding, My room has closed shelves and open books, and it is adjacent to kitchen.
I realized soon enough that the infrastructure cannot be redone, and I have to make do with this.
However what I couldn't put up with was the variety of odours haunting the room. T
That was when i got the Ambi pur room freshener. Now prior to this experience I wasn't a fan of bringing some new odor to the room, but the freshness that ambi pur left was totally worth the challenge to my pre-conceived notions.

I have my quirks: I hate the strong spices that are so typical to Indian kitchens: anything from a clover to a cinnamon is enough to put me off. Whenever I sit down to read, and mom is in the kitchen, I used to be perennially troubled with the smells and flavors emanating from there. Using the exhaust fans sometimes backfires, because other kitchens emanate the same smell. then there's another ingredient: garlic, which I love, but which degrades the atmosphere like nothing else can. I never bring my friends home when the cooking is going on- it's plain embarrassing to be coughing all around them.
And then there is this clandestine variety of unbearable smells: their source remains unknown forever but the level of discomfort they cause is beyond compare.
The time when I used the room freshener spray must have been the most confident time: the moment I smell something foul, I spray it away. Almost like a superhero movie. Ask my hostel friends, and they'll tell you how this indeed IS superhero-ish.

Now, Just a spray and my reading continues in the same favourite reading nook- uninterrupted.
Otherwise the skirmishes with mom whenever she cooks were bad, really bad.
Similar things happen in the car
Just imagine, Lavendar spa or vanilla bouquet..... the fragrance is so enticing, so much a treat to our senses!

Here's how I also used the feature of ambi-pur fragrance to increase the fragrance when required.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

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