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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Are you reading enough? : Work-life balance for the bibliophile

I've often heard people say how work-life balance is a myth. The first time this concept was introduced to me was in a business class- and clearly we were learning some utopian concept, it may now seem
I'm still just in college- and I realise how difficult it becomes to have a balance between these two pillars of life, and yet there seems to be no definite solution as such. 

I chanced upon this article "8 ways to a work-life balance" at site. This blogpost will elaborate on why the aticle was useful.
And it gives some really handy tips for the same: they may strike as obvious but we always fail to implement these- we need to be told time and again and again.

Two of those concepts, however, have an unprecedented relevance for us bibliophiles, we are always trying to get more time to read and our professional/academic obligations take priority- leaving us sad and guilty of not having read enough!

One of them is cut-off time. 
The virtual world has brought us fandoms together, and we can interact and squeee together, unlike ever before. We rejoice in this convenience. However, an evident drawback has been the opportunity cost of this time. The time spent uploading, chatting, commenting and updating status on facebook, instagram, twitter is time not devoted to reading. 

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Sometimes, we just need to make a choice: it is a simple decision to turn off your gadgets, unless it is a kindle, and just dig in the book, As I write this, I realise that I spend hours and hours on social media- one link leading to another- which I could have easily saved for reading. After all the deadline-induced tasks have been accomplished, all my reading time often goes waste. Because instagram.

Another of those tips is me-time. It is like repeating what had been said before. And it is similar to the concept of cut-off time. We definitely need to demarcate time intervals as me-time. This time will be for introspecton, journalising, indulging in any hobby, watching that hilarious show, or ofcourse, reading that book gathering dust on our shelves. I could have read 10 more books than I have this year, alone by cutting-off from social media. 
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I suggest no such extreme- cutting off entirely-no, but I certainly do realize that the evils of excess are showing their effects.
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