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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

When authors start playing: International Author's Day + 2 Giveaways

You guessed it. More often than not, authors play with your feelings. Yes- they murder your favourite character, or they bring a plot with star-crossed lovers, or a ship that doesn't make sense. In all that they do, they ensure that you cry till your tears dry up, you become a walking ghost, as you feel betrayed, agonized, overwhelmed -all at once.

John Green did it in TFIOS/ Looking for Alaska
Veronica Roth Did it.
Suzanne Collins did it
So did JK Rowling.
F. Scott Fitzgerald did it.

Here's a peek into their minds.

Let me write a plot which makes the reader go all:

And the devil strikes again, s/he just got a plot twist to break your heart into more pieces than we can count
Image source:
And when asked why they make their readers go through such tremendous torture, they'll just retort:

We all know there are both perks and perils of being in a fandom, and these are the perils. 
We love it this way, and we love our authors. We may hate the authors for a moment, but the extraordinary moments they give us can never be replaced- through the good and hard times, we love them because they give us the stories that stay with us, give us courage, and make us feel that everything is possible. 

For most of us, they provide the therapy from the disorder of everyday banalities.


Enter the giveaways, yo!

1. I am giving away a copy of Can love happen twice? by Ravinder Singh

Romance Novels are sometimes too cliched. Maybe, romance is cliched too. 
But Love should be something out-of-the-world. The selfless kind, the pure love. 

Now, to win a copy of the book, all you have to do is
Tell me your definition of love.

The most thoughtful, yet hilarious one wins!

1. Open only to Indian Residents
2. Word-limit 200 words- though I'd prefer crisp and short answers
3. Limited to one entry per participant
4. Mail your entries to
5. Last day to send in entries is 18th July 11.59pm IST

Questions? Leave comments below with your email id!

The giveaway is now closed
The winner is 
Rahul Rai

2. I am giving away a copy of Half  Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat
(Indian residents only)

Enter the giveaway below:

This Giveaway is Now closed.

The winner is 
Chittajit Mitra

I thank DDS @ for this initiative

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  1. I hate it when authors kill characters that I have come to love leaving me distraught and devastated. I believe in happy endings and so this kinda sucks. :)
    I followed your blog from the Blog Hop and am also participating in the IAD celebrations. Here is my post on the Authors who have motivated me and why. Do read and share your thoughts on it.

    -Njkinny @Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff

    Enter the 2 Year Blogoversary Celebration Giveaways!!~ 2 Giveaways, 5 Winners and Over $170 in Prizes!!!

  2. What a fun post! I really enjoyed it. I might just have to come back and write a LOVE post!

  3. Hello! I came to know about your blog through IAD celebration, I hope to see more book reviews & giveaways on your blog!

  4. Thank You so Much for participating in this Blog Hop!


    1. No, Thank YOU!
      I love the bookish feels in the virtual world that it is spreading!

  5. You ask what is love? This is taken from my memoir: Sunrise From An Icy Heart

    "Love is like the heat of summer, the passion of Romeo and Juliet, the feel of a burning fire, the vibrancy of the fall leaves, the warmth of a coat in the winter, all rolled into a heart with everything
    fitting into place like a completed jigsaw puzzle."

  6. This was one amazing post! Enjoyed reading it a lot. I can still remember how mad I was at John Green for breaking my heart in TFIOS.
    Happy International Author's Day! Cheers :)

    1. Yes, same here!John Green does that in every book, but we love him nonetheless. He is <3

      Happy IAD!

  7. Love your characterizations of authors! Those are the best kind... those that love to torture their readers with plot twists. :) Thanks for participating. It's always nice to meet new readers. Nancy’s Blog

    1. Thanks so much, praise from an author is the best kind of praise. :)

  8. Great post! Happy IAD Hopping! Following you on twitter:)


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