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Thursday, 9 July 2015

When your favorite book turns into Damon Salvatore

Does the title of this article make sense to you?
Let me explain- I personified our favourite thing in the world- books. 
Books have now taken the identity of the sexy Damon Salvatore. 
Read on for a sarcastic banter and an exchange of witty dialogues!

1. When you sleep with your book, with the lights on. The next day you wake up cuddled with it, drooling all over it!

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2. When you find a book at a street shop, or a garage sale - dog eared corners, that rusty smell, yellow pages. 
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3. The book just took a really, really unbelievable twist. And you just feel like your whole life was a lie. Think "We were liars" or "Everything, Everything"

4. You still feel deceived. The book had been playing you throughout its plot- and you do what is the natural response in this situation. You throw the book away while you wait for the tears to dry. The book doesn't like how yooutreat it, and it blackmails you or it might just throw another cruel revelation.
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5. Your favourite character dies. It's over. It's all over. But the book isn't over yet. While you are doing your job of being a burrito of sadness, here's what your book says
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6. You are re-reading THIS book for the nth time. Maybe its your book boyfriend, maybe its the quotes, maybe the story.
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7. It's either a mystery/thriller. Or this is a major cliffhanger in a series. 

8. The sequel was nothing you expected it to be!
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9. You've tried to forget it, but that's the thing about pain- it demands to be felt. Your reservoir of tears refuses to dry up. The book is all drowned in your tears. And it just can't take it anymore.
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