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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Why #brunchbookchallenge is awesome!

There's no denying it now. You know it, I know it. So many of us have started reading, thanks to the reading challenges, that surprisingly have a far longer life than the fragile resolutions we make at the beginning of the year.
Just when the publishing industry was at its performance peak, churning out one good book after another (also some really crappy ones), Hindustan Times did what every one was waiting for.
They brought in the #brunchbookchallenge last year.
Lo and behold, a revolution was in action.
Twitter became a book hangout, recommendations are now being exchanged faster than it is possible to keep track of, our to-be-read lists have grown humongous tails, and we have publicly and unabashedly been a fangirl for our favourite books. We have read them, reviewed them, recommended them, sent spoilers and whatnot.

Just a challenge to read 30 books in a  year (increased from 24 from the last year) and we saw a revolution:
Avid readers became disciplined readers.
Unorganised readers started keeping a track of how much and what they are reading.
Non-readers took a plunge.
The reading bug had bitten and the reading mania was, and continues to be infectious.

Without much ado, let's get straight to the point, and let me list out why #brunchbookchallenge is awesome. (As if it needs reasons!)

1. They have a massive reach

Sundays had become synonymous with the treat of HT Brunch. And twitter was never before made better use of. This is my definition of corporate social responsibility. Using your power to reach masses and getting them to read. CSR is for real!
This was like book club level: 21st Century

2. They give recommendations

The folks at Brunch don't shove books in your faces, but they do give recommendations drawing from what they have read recently and what your tastes sound like. This bunch of readers are awesome.

3. They conduct giveaways and contests

Yes- free books and bookish stuff. Who doesn't like to be the lucky owner of some swag?

4. They have brought bibliophiles together

They have used their media presence well- bringing scores of readers and non-readers turned readers together. Logging in to twitter/Instagram became a prospect of excitement about finding new bibliophiles and registering our progress with reading. And well, reading 30 books a year isn't that difficult.

5. They are our Sunday treat, duh!
Reading=Brunch= Reading list update

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  1. I am really enjoying #BrunchBookChallenge this year! And the best thing is it's motivating people to read

    1. Yes. same here. Such a deluge of recos and bibliophiles! It's amazing on twitter!


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