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Monday, 27 June 2016

Author Spotlight and Interview: Prachi Garg, Author of Superwomen

I love reading non-fiction, especially the kind that inspires me into action and celebrates the lives and efforts of people doing legendary work.

Which partly explains why I loved reading the book Superwomen. (Check out my review here)

Today, the mind behind the book joins us for a conversation.

Kritika: We begin with the question every writer is asked: what made you write this book, what was the trigger, the motivation?

Prachi: I always wanted to write since my childhood. You may say writing was in my genes, but where I was always stuck was, what to write. As I started my start-up , I faced a few challenges, and this is where I thought of speaking to a few lovely ladies, and then I decided to pen down the stories of these superwomen, so that this could be inspiration for all. And this is how Superwomen was created.

Kritika: How did you go about writing the book? What was the research like? 

Prachi: First I chose my subjects, which were entrepreneurial women, who started their ventures between the ages of 25 to 30 years. Then I researched about such women, spoke to them, took their consent for interaction, interacted with them, wrote their stories and finally got it verified with them. I am highly thankful to each one of them and the publisher for the final product.

Kritika: What role does your interaction with the entrepreneurs play?

Prachi: I think the entire book is based on their interaction, hence it played an important role. However, during these interactions, I myself learnt a lot and how to come out of challenges.

Kritika: Being an entrepreneur yourself and having studied a lot of them, any advice you'd like to dole out to the aspiring ones?

Prachi: My only advise is "Don't get disheartened by small hiccups and don't listen to the people who don't matter, as you can't make everyone happy. It is your life, live it the way you want." 

Kritika: What is the process of writing your first book like?

Prachi: It is a long process. Especially for a debut author, finding a publisher who can trust your idea is very tedious. It might take lot of time, then multiple rounds of editing require a lot of patience. But yes, the final results are indeed worth the wait and beyond.

Kritika: You talk about the trials of being a debut author, any advice to authors in the process of penning down their first novel?
Prachi: Debut authors should trust their ideas and shouldn't get disappointed at rejections. Instead they should work on the feedback and multiple rounds of peer reviews. This helps to hone the whole manuscripts.

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