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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Book Review: Destiny Of Shattered Dreams by Nilesh Rathod

About the book:

Title: Destiny of Shattered Dreams
Paperback, First Edition, 254 pages
Published May 20th 2016 by Rupa Publications
Genre: Fiction (Corporate Thriller)
Rating: 4/5

Blurb: An insider’s view into what goes on behind the glittering facade of corporate stardom, DESTINY of SHATTERED DREAMS is a fast-paced
tale of a brilliant young man’s meteoric rise. It is also a moving portrayal of the fallibility of love.

Ambition, passion
and raw courage are Atul Malhotra’s key aides to realizing his dreams as he learns the art of gambling for high stakes. What follows is a game of treachery, infidelity and murder.

The book lays bare the sordid corporate-politico nexus that compels this once middle-class boy to deftly learn the ropes and negotiate a world where dirty deals and power plays can make or break lives, where one wrong choice could be fatal.

A tale of yachts and hidden Swiss accounts, sordid affairs of lust, intrigue and exhilarating highs, Nilesh Rathod’s Destiny of Shattered Dreams is also the story of innocence forever lost.

About the author

Nilesh Rathod is a businessperson, writer and poet. Co-founder of Ensemble Infrastructure India Limited, Nilesh’s company currently employs over 2000 people.

Destiny of Shattered Dreams is his debut novel. Nilesh is currently working on his second novel. He lives in Mumbai, you may email him at or visit his webpage You may also follow him on twitter @authornilesh or at

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My Review:

I will begin by telling how this book is built on its strong plot. The entire book, with all its life-like characters, is standing on its racy and flawless plot.
The themes and issues it touches are the the corporate debauchery, political vile, moral turpitude, emotional depravity which has become so characteristic of an unfettered ambition now a days.
The plot open where Atul malhotra, our protagonist has been jailed for his crimes. It also reminded me of The Bet by Anton Chekov. Of course, the plot is in a different setting, with contemporary jargons and engagements.
Rathod carefully weaves the story, giving it a realistic setting, turns, twists and end. Which is what makes him a master story-teller. He has set out his characters in the corporate arena, and unfolded the story in a very clever fashion.
It starts out with the celebrated rise of a start-up and then,, its maligning by political influence and force, not to mention blood. All of this ends up in court, with everyone getting what they deserve.

Atul, the protagonist is a risky character. Risky, because there isn't really anything to like about him and with the story revolving around him practically, it is difficult not to react to his presence.
Example of the consequences of talent gone greedy, risk gone awry and ambition gone haywire, his life, both in its personal and professional aspects is a lesson in the making.

His partners: Rakesh, Qazi, Prem were all predictable, on the other hand. They were those typical partners who complete each other, bringing their own expertise to the table

Roshni and Aarti were the romantic interests of Atul, the former his now-estranged wife and the latter could be termed easily the reason for estrangement. The matrimonial tangent has been messy for this mess, and rest assured, he will be spending the rest of his live atoning his sins.


Brownie points to the book for the infusion of snippets of poetry within the pages. Those were a welcome respite in the plot, and were certainly good ones.
The cover page is more symbolic, and does give away the corporate feel of the plot.

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Source of the review copy: I thank the author for providing me with a review copy in return for an honest review. 

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