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Monday 1 February 2016

Book Review: Lost Wisdom of the Swastika

About the book:

Title: Lost wisdom of the Swastika, Turiya Tales
Published by: Times Group Books
Pages: 210

Rating: 3.5/5
BlurbZian is a seemingly happy and successful investment banker. Following an enormous personal tragedy, he sets out on an introspective journey to the Himalayas. He is questioning the purpose of life when he comes across a mysterious 110-years old man. Thereby starts a journey of learning, unlearning and un raveling the secrets of ancient Indian wisdom that teach you how to live a blessed life. Among them, is the quest to find the inner swastika -one that holds the truth of the physical, the metaphysical and beyond. WRITTEN AS A WORK OF FICTION BUT BASED ON A TRUE ACCOUNT, THIS IS AN ENGAGING STORY OF A MAN TRYING TO FIND HIMSELF

About the author

Honored as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum,Ajay Chaturvedi established HarVa (Harnessing Value of rural India) in the year 2010. HarVa is a start-up that creates value in rural areas by providing opportunities to rural women, youth and farmers.Ajay's journey, from a management consultant and a banker in the United States to a social entrepreneur in India, is an interesting one. Having found the purpose of his life in the Himalayas, he came back to set up farms in his hometown Dehradun, Uttarakhand, and in Sohna, Haryana. Thus came HarVa.Ajay has been lauded for his work both nationally and internationally. An alumnus of BITS Pilani, SEAS and The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania, Ajay likes to spend time in the Himalayas, when not working.

My Review:

Lost wisdom of the Swastika is that quientessential read that you talk about when you talk about spiritual books.
Faintly reminiscent of the time I read The Monk who Sold His Ferrari, I delved into this book, not really knowing what to expect.
While The Monk... was a very real sermon, with corporate set-up as the background, this one competely detaches you from the material pursuits.
I found it a little difficult to keep going through the book initially because the conversations were simple and devoid of the dramatic.

The plot took a long time to pick up pace and when it did, it just didn't pause for a breath. Word after word contained more wisdom than before, and it was quite impossible to stay away from the effect that the wisdom was bound to create on us.

A few pages more into the book and there's a treasure-trove of information.
The parts that comforted me talk about how you can be at the highest level of awareness and yet be in the material world. Otherwise, every time we are just told to choose between a materialistic realm and a spiritual domain. This was a refreshing break from the routine wisdom.

Another part I loved was how the book addresses the issue of consumerism- saying that East and West are only directions.

All in all, I'd recommend the book to whoever wants answers in life. This is a focused, intelligent read.

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