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Saturday 26 March 2016

Book review: Coalescence by M John

About the book:

Title:  Coalescence
Published by:
Paperback320 pages
Genre: Crime, thriller
Rating:  4/5
Blurb: The 'MV Nordic Sydney' - a Handy max bulk carrier carrying a cargo of diesel from Saudi Arabia to South Africa - is hijacked by pirates off the Somali coast. The 'HAMAS', which has links with the pirates, wants to get hold of the Captain - an American citizen and a former Israeli Naval Officer - to put pressure on both America and Israel. India joins forces with America and Israel because eight of the fifteen members of the crew are Indians and their rescue is critical for the forthcoming national elections. The three stakeholders plan a rescue mission, but there is a 'leak' in one of the agencies. Can the mission succeed?

My Review:

The book comes as a sequel to The First Coffin, and the author's professional expertise and repository of knowledge in the field of flying and military come in really handy for the plot.
The setting of the plot is really intricate this time around, and it takes a while for the reader to ingest all that the background information has to offer, The first part of the book is majorly that.
In the second part the real action begins. The intentions start becoming clearer.

One thing that'd have made this book more memorable is more personality and identity in the characters. For quite long into the book, I couldn't differentiate between a few characters because they all seemed driven by the same sentiments- vengeance, hurt, loyalty.

The best, most racy parts in the novel are when the forces join hands with America and Israel. The tact and caution practiced is immense and it never fails to intrigue.

What earned this book brownie points was the portrayal of tender relationships. Nothing was exaggerated, and everything was apt.
This is, all in all, a very meaured, meticullously written book.

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