Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Ask EL James? I would rather not!

So, El James, the author of the novel Fifty Shades of Grey (no shit, it is actually a series) and its counterpart Grey which was recently released did a Q&A on twitter.
Maybe, she didn't know or remember what happened when she had announced the release of Grey, which was essentially the same sadistic story from Christian Grey's point of view. Twitter was literally overflowing with sarcastic-at-another-level comments and derogatory, scornful comments had inundated all social media.

This was a repeat of the deluge of tweets, but this one was an epic fail. Scratch that, epic doesn;t even begin to describe it.

That damned moment:

This is how it ended:

It seemed trolls had taken over the internet, ot at least twitter.
So, we bring you the best tweets that BASICALLY sum up the disaster!

But the hashtag did give us something out of it.

It as bitter, and hit where it hurts...

Too much sarcastic bitterness

This guy seemed real pissed. But with valid points

People were creative in how they attacked, fifty shades style

The guys are thoroughly confused. 

She did respond to some of these:

And then some actual humor, no sarcasm 

Lets just enjoy

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