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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Book Review: Kaleidoscope by Rachna Gupta

About the Book/Book blurb:
  • Paperback: 64 pages
  • Publisher: Authorspress (2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 8172739648
  • ISBN-13: 978-8172739645

"Every beating heart will confess that once, at least once in their lifetime they were in love."

The collection of poems in this book talks about an emotion so strong that it has the potential to create and destroy! Love in all its capacity has that aura around it; it needs to be felt and when it resides in your soul you find it giving rise to feelings never experienced before. There is passion and tenderness when being together, estrangement and pain when two souls are apart and then there is joy and relief when bound together again. The 37 poems in this book talk about this amazing feeling as seen through my eyes and felt in my heart!

About the Author:

In an interview on the blog of Patridge India (the publisher), she describes herself as under, "I am Rachna Gupta, a small-town girl who moved to Pune 12 years ago. An educationist by profession, writing is something that has always interested me. While teaching English, I always encouraged the children to be creative and express their feelings through different mediums like writing, art and drama. There is nothing more magical than using words to create something new!"

My Review:

This book of poetry has pieces on the theme of love. It is indeed a special book. There are themes hovering around love: the endearment, the affection, the betrayal, the passion, joy, relief. For those of you who have been in love or even had a remote crush, this book might echo some relatable parts. 

I especially liked, "On my mind"
So I present an excerpt
"And evoke inspirational images
That speak to me
While you watch me
Turn them into words
That people will read!"

Just like any pieces of poetry the poems are open to interpretation and I interpret it as also encompassing selflove, the highest form of love there is. It also talks about heartbreak and finding happiness in darkness. The good thing is that it talks about all the changing colors of love and that sets it apart. It doesn't paint an entirely gloomy picture nor does it make it look absolutely rosy. It lays the emotional live in its unaltered and bare form, as it is.
I think if flipping through the pages of a poetry book and skimming through the pieces can make you feel relieved then the book has passed the litmus test. This one surely did.



I thank the author for providing me with a copy in exchange of an honest review. 

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