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Monday, 22 June 2015

Author Interview and spotlight: Tania Joyce

Tania has penned Propositions. It is an erotic romance, and she is so happy and cheerful about what she writes, it rubs off on the reader. Probably, this is why her first book has received positive response in abundance. She has more surprises for her readers in the same genre. And it only gets HOTTER!


     Kritika:  Congratulations on getting published. Tell us about the beginning of the beginning! When did you decide to write the book? when was the idea conceived? Was this the only idea on your mind, or did you have to choose?

Tania: It was never a lifelong dream of mine to become a writer. I only had the urge to start after I gave birth to my second son.  I started writing my first manuscript in August 2011.  Since then, my mind is constantly being bombarded with ideas for stories. I just can’t write fast enough.

The idea for Propositions has been a combination of events – dreams, attending high school and college reunions and travel.

 Kritika:  How long did it take you to write the novel?

Tania: For Propositions - from first word to being published took two years.  Writing the first draft actually only took about 3 months, but then it’s all the rework, edits, submissions and working with the publisher before it’s released.

 I am still on a very big learning curve, so it is taking me a while to turn around a completed manuscript.  Propositions was actually my second manuscript.  My first, Distractions, is in the final stages of editing. I am working on the sequel to Propositions (I should be writing it now!)

     Kritika:  How distracted are you when you're writing? Do you have certain rules? 

Tania: It varies day to day. The majority of the time though, when I get the chance to sit and write, a bomb would have to go off to pull me away from the computer.

I do not have certain rules about writing. I am not one to set word counts or time limits.  I have a young family and they will always come first. I also have a part-time job as a marketing consultant. When I have the time, I write, which is about 2-3 days a week.

     Kritika:   Was writing always the plan? If so, was this how you has envisaged it?

Tania: No, writing was not always part of the plan.  Up until a few years ago, I was very career focused and have quite a successful career in corporate marketing. But now I have unleashed this creativity in me, I don’t want to stop. All I want to do it write.  I have learned so much about the industry, guidelines, editing, and how to develop a strong well-structured story with strong characters. It’s amazing. But it is a tough business. You have to be committed and prepared to work hard.

     Kritika: Usually, some genres like YA or Sci-fi have fandoms and proponents- it makes their promotion so much easier- do you think it is challenging to make a mark as an author in the erotica/adult romance category?

Tania: The world of electronic media and digital marketing has certainly changed the way authors promote their books to the world.  I think you can find fandom etc in all genres.  Romance is the largest genre on the planet, it’s just an effort to make sure you stand out among the crowd!

If you have a good story, word of mouth will help it succeed.

    Kritika: Will you write in the same genre or would you like to experiment?

Tania: Yes – I like to write steamy sex scenes! They’re fun. So I’ll be sticking to the erotic romance genre.  However, my book, Distractions, is a college romance so will probably be listed under the New Adult genre – purely based on the age group, but it’s still HOT!

     Kritika: What do you have in the pipeline for the readers?

TaniaI have quite a few things in the pipeline.
Distractions – my New Adult college romance is due out towards the end of this year.
Acquisitions (working title) – is the sequel to Propositions and is due out early next year.
Then, I have three other works-in-progress already plotted out and ready to write.

There’s a lot in the pipeline.

     Kritika: Do you think adult romance gets repetitive? Is it hard to find a fresh plot which is original, despite the theme being "no-strings-attached"?

Tania: No – you read Romance for a happy ending. You read Crime to solve a mystery. You read Sci-Fi /Fantasy to go on a quest and save the world.

There is actually only a limited number of plot lines that stories are categorized into. It’s just your matter of interpretation and making your own story around them.

Romance is never boring and repetitive in my opinion – and I read a lot of romance!

     Kritika: How real or fictional are the characters that you wrote? 

      Tania: It’s all fiction.  Often I may reflect on something that happened in my life, overheard, witnessed or experienced to help convey the emotions into my characters.  I have a lot of vivid dreams as well, so I piece these together to come up with my storylines. It’s a lot of fun.

Kritika: Anything you read recently and enjoyed?

Tania: Hot Rock and Roll Romance - Kylie Scott’s – Stage Dive Series – Lick, Play, Lead and Deep.
            Romantic Suspense - Kendall Talbot’s – Treasured Secrets
            Contemporary Romance - Noelle Clark’s – Honor’s Debt

Read my review of propositions here.

You can connect with the author here:

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I thank Tania Joyce for being such a wonderful writer, and letting me interview her.


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