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Sunday 4 August 2013

The Perks of being a Bibliophile

1) You have a reason for your beloved solitude.

They say, writing is a lonely task.
So is reading. Hence, when you read with the fervour of a bibliophile, relishing each word as if it were a scrumptious meal, you remain oblivious to the world. The icing on the cake is that no one can pester you during that time period, for it goes against the expected conduct. Reading time is the only time you are at liberty to contemplate, reflect, give some time to your own self, sans any distraction.

2)The usual... 

Well you read for the obvious reasons...for enhancing your vocabulary, getting better at expressing yourself, for getting a good command over the language, for learning new things, to get inspired, to sharpen your mental faculties, to hone your intellectual skills, to broaden your perspective, et al..

3) Reading is classy.
 Have we not seen people holding books in their hands and engrossed in reading as something that makes them strike as a charming person. And even when you are reading an e-book, people think you are amazingly intellectual, for you prefer reading over playing some senseless games.

4) For the sole pleasure of it.

What the hell? Reading is an exercise, which renders us  pleasure beyond measure. Once you descend into the magical world of books, reality becomes a raw deal.

5) For the treat books are to sense
 Yes, believe it or nor, books are not only an unparalleled delight to our eyes and mind. Their pleasure extends to the core of your soul. they are unfailing friends and allies. Being a bibliophile means you are not just in love with reading, it means you love the feel and smell of books too. Be it on your musty bookshelves, or fresh paperback editions, or torn out editions you keep close to your heart!

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  1. Well put. I used to be an avid reader and though the habit subsided due to lack of time. Those who have never enjoyed reading, won't know what they are missing.

  2. yeah, hope that the love of reading overpowers the temptation of social networking


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