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Saturday 9 November 2013

Book Review: Aisle be Damned By Rishi Piparaiya

About the Book:

A Hilarious Take on just about Everything Associated with Air Travel.
- Getting seamlessly upgraded to Business Class.
- The hows and whys of micromanaging the pilots.
- Action plans to counter the airlines Technical Snag routine.
- Sure shot strategies for winning the affections of flight attendants.
- Awesome icebreakers to start conversations with attractive co-passengers.
- How smart executives deal with the Walk of Shame to the economy section.
- How a water bottle dramatically improves flight safety.
- Breezing through immigration and customs, always making your flight connections and a whole lot more

Rest assured, your flying experience will never be the same again!

Details: Paperback, 216 pages
Published: September 2013 by Jaico Publishers

My Review:

To begin with, this book offers an immaculate treasure-house of hilarious anecdotal nuggets of wisdom to mark up on our heads while making the air-travels, nothing less of an ordeal.

Okay, that might scare the wits out of someone who hasn’t air-traveled ever, however for the regular air passengers, this is an indispensable tool, a weapon (no exaggeration intended) to fight the demons of serpentine queues, badly-labeled luggage, bad-tempered crew, a variety of co-passengers exhibiting traits ranging from schadenfreude, sticklers, the-eternal-gossipers and so on, words like “Flight Delayed” all in their digital manifestation mocking at you in their sadistic best, multiple dilemmas as regards seating arrangement, et al.

So, the best part was the beginning, which eased me into the forthcoming hilarity. The ensuing hilarity also lends the book readability, and the author’s self-inclusive comical gags and antics were profoundly awe-inspiring.

He mocks the mechanism of the currency exchange counter by asking the reader to repeat the exchange transactions and count the number that it takes to leave you with empty hands and pockets, and at one point, you have to admit, the writer, with the magnitude and finesse with which he directs his sarcasm, has forced you to deprecate yourself as a nitwit. Such is the flawlessness with which the sarcasm, hyperbole, and mocking comments have been made and executed as a written word. He goes on to describe numerous travesties, without losing his humour ever, which is a rarity among first-time writers.

In the most jocular fashion, he describes the mortifying trek to the economy section, the catchphrase of cabin crew “Technical Snag”, the escapades of meals, dealing with infants seated next to you.Even loos couldn’t escape the glare of this man’s keen observation and sarcasm.Who knew that LIFO and FIFO are not just inventory management systems

This book has the best compilation of quotes, a smorgasbord of witty-one liners and what not. So when you prepare yourself to board the plane and soar high the next time, make sure you have this little companion! If for no other reason, (which shouldn’t be the case, since there are plenty), then at least to find the relevance of LIFO and FIFO as strategies during air-travel.
I thank Jaico For providing me with a review copy of this book.

1 comment:

  1. Rishi Piparaiya has truly outdone himself and has shown himself to be a master of satire. He has shown great care and acute observational skills in picking the most annoying and embarrassing of things that happen in one's day to day exchange with the airport and it's queer inhabitants and projected them in a hilarious and thoroughly entertaining way. He has given an whole new outlook to the things that happen in and out of an airplane. Seriously who would have thought that my missing jacket was actually stolen by the Italian mafia.

    Rishi uses a delicate and simple style of writing to convey his story and that too with an even flavor of humour and satire. There is a chance that his sense of humour, predominant his style of humour would come across as slapstick to some but it is undeniable that he got a suave way of making his readers laugh. Anyone who has ever been on a flight and anyone who has seen the way the various quirks of the aluminium tube that flies will find it interesting and can relate to it seamlessly. It is just an understatement to say that Rishi has outdone himself.

    They book though randomly satirical, is not random at all in organization. The book is neatly edited and organized as in the order of which the events would occur in an actual flight, from take off to landing and this differentiate 'Aisle be damned' from a regular book of jokes and into a humorous page turner. I will though advice the ones who have not flown to keep away, you don't need to add to your aviatophobia do we and secondly most jokes would appear to be tasteless and blown up to a person who is unaccustomed with such an environment as an airport.

    But for everyone else this is hilarious and light hearted, and would make your stomach hurt from laughing. I personally found the beginning and end to be rather bland and tasteless in nature as compared to the rest of it. I give the book a 'good' status and recommend it exclusively for all fliers, frequent and otherwise. The swaying hips awaits... *chuckle*.


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