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Monday 14 July 2014

International Authors' Day: My bookish Journey!

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Today, on the splendid occasion of International author's day, I would love to go down the memory lane and trace my metamorphosis into a compulsive bibliophile. I hope I won't bore you. I hope you identify with snippets and parts of it. And I hope you join me in this journey of plunging into the fantasy worlds of the books I read.  Here's my story.
I don't have a family who was too passionate about reading, everyone read newspapers, magazines, and maybe a novel once a year. But none of my family members was zealous about the blissful act of reading. For me, it was purely  the "Fates" that I experienced the heavenly mirth of reading. My earliest memory dates back to when as a 9 year old who had a tough time falling asleep without anyone by her side, I used to read myself to sleep: a short story per night out of my coursebooks. Not a bad beginning, right? And then I won books as prizes in elocution competitions. That is technically, my first tryst with books outside of curriculum. I still read it: The beauty and the beast in Hindi, and it happened that year in English.

And then, I pestered my parents to buy me scooby-doo novels. (Well, kids do that, I was just fulfilling my responsibility). Year after year, I Started getting more books as prizes. Then finally, I could lure my sister into the fantasy worlds of the novels, and we started shopping online for books. Till date, books are the only thing I shop for online. And then, My life REALLY began with my first ever visit to the book fair. There was no looking back. I have visited every book fair, every possible bookshop and my library spans possibly every genre. 

Today, the person who is writing this post has evolved as a bibliophile. I had my Facebook last name as bibliophile for years, my bookish obsession has made me a book-blogger, book-reviewer, book-hoarder, a crazy fangirl.  Which also implies that I love these mobile cases, necklaces, posters, jewelry, mugs, et al which are bookish to their core. 
I am the kind of person who keeps telling her friends to buy her these as gifts. And yes, I have received them very generously from some of my closest buddies. The books they have gifted is a reminder of their love, and it's almost like anyone who hasn't gifted me books isn't really a friend for life.
 (Dear all friends, who are feeling hurt and want to prove their friendship: Next on my please-gift-me-list: any and every book by Dan Brown,  John green, The Hunger Games Trilogy, Mathhew Quick, Ashwin Sanghi )
So, When I started this blog a year ago, I just had an itch to showcase my passion for books. That it would acquire these dimensions was the biggest surprise all year long. At 10,000 pageviews and loads of books coming up for review, I feel blessed to be a part of this book-lovers community.

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  1. Hey, Love it & Thanks for doing this!

    1. Glad you liked it! happy Int'l authors day! :)

  2. Thanks for joining in the celebrations for IAD!

    I had my birthday couple of months back and my hubby gifted me the entire collection of John Green! I knew there was a good reason behind why I married him ;)

    1. "Awww!" all the way!
      A fangirl really doesn't know of a better way to respond to this!

  3. Awesome story about how you fell in love with books! My obsession started young too.

    1. Thanks Sheala! I do believe that all of us have such wonderful stories of our first love a.k.a books :)

  4. Enjoyed your story of how you became a "heavy user" of books (better than "book addict?").
    Thanks, Sheala, for being part of IAD.


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