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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Author Spotlight and Interview: Janice Turber and Barbara Swicegood


Lets begin by talking about your book, "Stuck in the yuck". What was it like to document what you deal with in your lives?

We have seen through our work he joy of helping those in pain to heal. We know that publishing a book of our techniques can help so many more it felt good to provide hope for those who have experienced trauma which resulted in anxiety and/or depression.

I must say, it is a noble thing to do, assist people through their difficult times. Does it not affect you sometimes; people narrating their sad stories?

Although it is horrible to hear the sad things that our clients have gone through, this work that we do is our destiny and mission in life. It brings us much happiness and joy to see the trauma lifting and healing so that an individual’s life can become an amazing journey filled with love rather than pain.

Awareness precedes change. unless one is aware of the problem, the solution cannot be designed. How do you suggest people acknowledge it if something goes wrong in their life?

People need to start noticing and paying attention to all aspects of life, such as their health, relationships, work, service, family and other arenas. If these arenas are filled with worry most of the times, then something deeper is causing the problems. People must be willing in becoming a detective in their own life and search for clues to their unhappiness. This is all part of the process of acknowledging and becoming more intimately aware of what is occurring. Times of intense pain seem to be the catalyst that propels most people to look for answers and solutions to problems in their lives.

How was the experience writing this book? co-authoring? the theme? And everything else?

We are a great team and enjoy working and writing together. Barbara created the title and the theme is what we believe in and use in our practice and personal lives daily.

What are the other books you two have authored?

We wrote Moving through life with Grace: From Caterpillar to Butterfly. We have also written numerous articles and contributed to newsletters.

Thanks for your time and attention in answering me. Hope your books do the trick and help people cope with traumatic incidents in life.

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