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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Author Interview: Falguni Kothari As A Part of b00k r3vi3w tours

Author Falguni Kothari Joins us to talk about her latest book, My Last Love Story!

About the Book:

Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes’s, Me Before You, My Last Love Story is a heartbreakingly romantic tale about the complexities of trauma and whether love can right a wrong.

I, Simeen Desai, am tired of making lemonade with the lemons life has handed me.
Love is meant to heal wounds.
Love was meant to make my world sparkle and spin.
Love has ripped my life apart and shattered my soul. 

I love my husband, and he loves me.
But Nirvaan is dying.
I love my husband. I want to make him happy.
But he is asking for the impossible. 
I don’t want a baby.
I don’t want to make nice with Zayaan.
I don’t want another chance at another love story. 

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1. What made you write this book? What was the trigger?

There were several triggers over the years. A book I’d read about three people in a relationship together but the end was horrible and I couldn’t stomach that. I knew several cancer victims and know even more survivors, and their spirit in the face of such trauma humbles me. This book is dedicated to them. I know what families experience while taking care of a sick loved one. And lastly, Simeen. The minute I started writing her down, she blossomed.

2. Has the idea of an "Impossible Forever" been inspired from Me before You (the book by JoJo Moyes)?

No. I finished My Last Love Story much before I read Me Before You. Though, MLLS is inspired in part by Megan Hart’s Tempted. I was so outraged by the ending in Tempted that I ranted for days to my book clubs and decided that if I ever wrote such a book, I’d have a better ending for the threesome. I don’t know if I have a better end in MLLS, but I certainly think so.

3. You've touched upon poignant details of human lives, what does this mean for the readers?

I hope it will mean that the readers can identify with some of the events in the book. Every household deals with some amount of sickness and stress and bad mojo in this world. It’s how we deal with it, how we keep our wits about us that make us who we are. It’s what defines us and I hope the readers will find some definition in this book—and a positive one.

4. At its core, what message would you like to give to the readers?

Love is the only thing that matters.

5. A quick one, in one sentence- Why should someone read My Last Love Story?

Because this book is an intimate portrayal of what it is to be human.

About the Author:

Falguni Kothari is an internationally bestselling hybrid author and an amateur Latin and Ballroom dance silver medalist with a background in Indian Classical dance. She writes in a variety of genres sewn together by the colorful threads of her South Asian heritage and expat experiences. When not writing or dancing, she fools around on all manner of social media, and loves to connect with her readers. My Last Love Story is her fourth novel.


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