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Friday, 30 December 2016

An Ode To The Year That Was

I promise you this isn't the poetry you were expecting. I promise, this isn't something you'd revere. But I also promise that each word, each goddamn word has a significance. At least for me. I promise they are all laden with metaphors- the lines and words and letters. And I promise that I am hoping you find something, even if just a line, that makes sense to you. If you, like me, always look up to the next day as a fresh start, a rare opportunity, then know that I am rooting for you!

I will do everything but forget the year gone by

The bags under my eyes became permanent
The bags in front of my eyes became memories

There were days when I saved the day
There were days I could barely save myself

I started off trying to break from my comfort zone
I have ended up with no comfort zone at all

My quirks decided to come out of the closet
And I embraced them with giant bear hugs as they did

A lot of friendships found their elusive tuning
Some other inexplicable friendships got their tuning redefined

There was a moment when I thought I'd lost everything
There was another when I thought I'd need nothing more

Semi colons became more important than full stops
And all full stops were actually commas in disguise

It doesn't matter who became the Lucky 7 as long as you got lucky with me
It is more than just a mud cake laden with chocolate syrup on a spree

It is the promise that its never too late
It is the promise that you don't want to peak so early anyway

Maybe, Maybe became the coolest millennial Nonsense verse
And Toodles became the coolest millennial goodbye

We Spooned some
And spooned some (If you know what I mean)

I stopped using filters in instagram photos
I stopped using filters in my words
(I am still shocked most of the times at what comes out of my mouth)

So what if this year I didn't get to meet Randolph?
I turned 21, with atleast 21 memories of the year to boast of

Reading between the lines became important
Because when I say I suck at something, turns out I actually rock at it

Like adulthood, photography and coping mechanisms
Like bossing and leading and bridging chasms

The conventional just didn't hold an allure
The unconventional too had a bad trip

Shitty skype callls got replaced by stronger Whatsapp videos
And time zones gained a sudden importance

I never once judged people who fed off bling
I still shiver when you mention that thing, the 'thing' 

I also stopped shivering from the cold of the winter
I learnt to stare at the ink falling off the printer

There were days I fell every step of the way
There were days I made it unscathed
(Okay, maybe this was literal)

I finally found something I love in the city I have hated for so long
Hating and bidding adieu to college led to this all

Creeping people out became a conscious effort
Body language analysis was just the tool

Solace was sought in cozy nooks and fruit beers
Most decisions were taken without even a dash of fear (of the page duh!)

There were more firsts than lasts
Because Facebook just wont let bygones stay in the past.

I found comfort in those jumpy jeans
and did things I should have done in my teens

I may have missed on some deadlines,
Some deadlines may have hit me right at the target

New likes and weird interests may have built up
Or the built up rage may have thrown up

Pendants and cameras and brownies acquired meaning
Meaningful days were spent bookstore-hopping

Books, my best friends may have frowned upon me
Frowns might have been my only Metro company

I might have been sick more than the past
The memories box may have overflowed, there might've been a blast
But you dare not tell me to forget the year that was

It may have been the only time I saw the dull gloomy hospital walls,
It may have been easily the darkest hour, the steepest fall
But you dare not tell me to forget the year that was

That's all, folks!

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