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Sunday 31 December 2017

I cannot think of a title for the last poem of 2017

Last year,
This year,
I have myself

I bid adieu to 2017,
Making  sense of the rebellion inside me
Rebellion that has become second nature
So it has even stopped asking for my permission
Before flaring up illusions to pieces
Before setting fires to the imagined

Because it all came down to the three-dimensions
though I may have even seen a fourth

I woke  up to a snowfall and my lips rose in a curve
I didn't realise I was smiling until my jaw hurt
I was a wide-eyed kid in the moment I saw the whites
And gave that effortless smile
I fear
I may not experience again the magic as it froze

I once slept by the riverside in a place with colorful walls
I fear
My feet and those waves might never get close

Not a moment went by, that I regretted
So I fear
If I will ever say the same of any coming year

But this year also taught me:
I fear only what I look forward to

And so I look forward to all of those

But most of all,
I learnt this new thing
I know
I am going to practice a lot
I said no.



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