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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Author Spotlight and Interview: Deepak Kripal


Q. Tell us something about yourself ? How did you decide for a transition from a doctor to a writer?
I am sort of an explorer. I like to hear good stories, travel into the wild with my friends, spending quality time with my family, play cricket in spare time which I haven’t had for 6-7 years! I am proud to be a doctor. And I am ambitious in a strange way. I mean not in the material sense. I have a spiritual side, apart from 5-6 more sides I am yet to discover!

Q. What does writing mean to you?

The 3-4 months I spent visualising and writing this story was one of the most fascinating period of my life. I got to explore different world never had visited ever. I got to live lives other than mine. Is anything more adventurous than this! Writing, for me, is a medium of exploring the things and ideas that fascinates me, both known and unknown. It is both a passion, as well as part of my spiritual journey. It is a lot  more than I can ever explain to you.

Q. The book you have written, The Devil's Gate is a never-before-seen form of fiction. How did this really unusual idea strike you?
Just like that – out of nowhere! You ask me the most fascinating place in the world, and I’ll say it is – Nowhere! For it is from here most innovative ideas emerge into the consciousness. Creativity is a strange process. You think more, you get less. You go into the state of shoonya – a brilliant idea may be just around the corner!

Q. How did you go about planning the peculiarities and character sketches in the novel? We are pretty sure Dug and Katy have demanded a lot of your attention!

Not actually. Katy and Dug, somehow, came very naturally and easy to me. I had cat and dogs as pet during my childhood. May be, this made it easy for me to demarcate their characters. The most difficult part was creating a story which was unique, engaging as well as emotionally appealing at the same time.

Q. Your novel is getting nothing less than superstar ratings. You must be basking in the glory of your success!

I am overwhelmed, to say the least. I knew that readers would like the story. But I was a bit sceptical about the response of critics, since it was an out-of-box story. So, in a way, it was a huge confidence booster for me, which will help me in taking risks in the future too.

Q. So, do you plan on continuing this story, or would you rather narrate a new story altogether?

I think I’ll write a drama or a drama/mystery/thriller next. I am churning some ideas at the moment, but nothing has taken shape as of yet. About the sequel, I may write it at a later point if enough readers ask for it.

Q. What do you have in store for your increasing reader base?

As I told you I am playing around with some ideas of different genres. Only thing I can say at this moment is, you can expect what I think is the best thing in the world - A Good Story!

Thank you for such a wonderful Interview!

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