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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Book Review: Whole in the Clouds


Hidden in the pages of Whole in the Clouds you will find the ticket to a fantastical new world, complete with trees that sprout children, shy unicorns, elves who move at dizzying speeds, inchworms who wear spectacles and a pudgy little girl who is magically transformed into an ethereal beauty.

An unhappy orphan, Cora Catlin is a misfit at best, an outcast at worst. She feels out of place in her life, as if everything is backwards and part of her is missing. But her long, tormented hours in hum-drum Harborville take a decided turn upwards when she encounters an elfin stranger who tells of a mystical world that awaits her atop the clouds. As Cora travels to her new home by way of a magical elevator to the heavens, she finds herself and her companion physically transformed. As if an entirely new body wasn’t enough to get used to, royal parentage, talking pegasus’, a raging war and an alluring love interest who just happens to be the son of her father’s greatest enemy await Cora as well. Exploring this new land alongside her devoted dog Motley, Cora will unearth wonders and secrets beyond her wildest imaginings. She will discover the meaning of true friendship, love and what it means to finally feel whole—Whole in the Clouds.



Kristine Kibbee is a Pacific Northwest native with a love of language, nature, and animals. Kristine’s passion for creative writing began in her early youth and led her to Washington State University, where she earned a degree with a concentration in professional writing. Kristine has since had works published in The Vancougar, The Salal Review, S/tick Literary Review, and she is a featured columnist in the nationally syndicated magazine, Just Frenchies.

From the small town of Castle Rock, Washington, nestled among 22 acres of towering fir trees, Kristine relishes time spent outdoors with her two French bulldogs and one husband. She dreams of making the everyday world more magical with her fantasy novels.

Whole in the Clouds is her first middle grade novel

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My Review:

Without any circumlocution, I will get straight to the point of review. As a young adult, this book let me relive my childhood fantasies: replete with all elements of magic and fantasy. Infact at a point I anticipated a feature of unicorns and Will-o'-the-wisp, well, I am kidding. Right there, I knew I am loving the novel, it was such a great escape.
For the first two chapters I thought I might just be reading another drag story of how a misfit teen battles with bullying and retreats into self-contemplation. But the turn that the story took was a welcome change.

Clouden, of all things, deserves a special mention. The place is a fragment of my childhood imagination, and reading the story gave me an inexplicable pleasure. A tickling tinge.

but when all is said and done, (and read) I believe that the plot somehow lacks the dramatic panache that such a novel demands. So, for instance, when Cora Catlin leaves home, a letter as a farewell seems highly inadequate. Similarly, she accepts everything very easily. Not that she is naive or credulous, but in a way that this is what she expected. Frankly, that bogged down even my enthusiasm regarding the plot. Which makes me question: if this book is not for adults, is it entirely for kids? I still doubt that too.

Also, I have scratched my brain a lot, but couldn't fit in the title convincingly with the book.
Still, I'd say that the book's best part is the descriptio of Clouden, and oh! what would I not give to live in those magical places again?

Disclaimer: Thanks to Goodreads and Amazon for the book cover, about the book, and author information.

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