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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Book Review: Fraudster By RV Raman

About the book:

There are people who will do anything to silence the ones who come in their way, those who will stop at nothing, including murder. 

A young banker is found dead a day after she deposes before a commission investigating large-scale financial fraud... 
A doyen of corporate India falls to his death from his south Bombay flat... 
A high-security server room of a multinational accounting firm is hacked and the hackers aren't looking for just company secrets... 

Illicit finance, high-stakes crime and vicious manipulation come together in this story of corruption, greed and treachery among corporate India's black sheep. Arresting, fast-paced and written by an insider from the corporate world, Fraudster will keep you on your toes till the very end.

Paperback available in bookstores across India. Flipkart | Amazon |Infibeam
eBook available globally. Kindle | Kobo | Google Play | Nook 

About the author:

Over a career spanning three decades and four continents, RV Raman advised several banks, financial institutions and corporates on various matters. He has now turned to writing fiction set in corporate India, based on his insights and observations.

Having moved away from full-time roles, he now teaches business strategy at an IIM, mentors young entrepreneurs, advises select clients and writes.

Tired of extensive physical travel around the world, he now prefers less punishing mental excursions into fictional worlds of his own creation. He lives in Chennai. His complete profile is available here.

Fraudster is his first corporate thriller, and is available in most book stores including Flipkart &Amazon.

RV Raman on Facebook

My review:

What I am sure about in this novel is the fact that it keeps you glued till the end. To say that it has mind-blowing twists and turns in the plots, seems an understatement. One murder after another, one attack after another, and the writer has craftily kept us guessing till the end who the culprit is. 

No doubt that the author's experience in the corporate world comes in handy when he writes the story, revealing and disclosing such malpractices which the reader is taken aback with. 
When I started reading it, I had initially thought that the book will at best, be predictable. As luck would have it, it was everything but. 
That the setting in time is contemporary makes the reader even more intrigued: all the threats faced in IT operation, the perpetration of scams - everything is real to a fault.
I might need to dig lexicons to find a word more effective than 'thrilling' to describe the book. The plot twists outdo themselves every single time.
How all characters fall in place and raise suspicions with their activities was the best part of the book. However, one cannot deny that the end appears a bit too hushed, with little happening compared to the racy pace it had earlier. I was also a little disappointed in the way the culprit was finally revealed, it somehow lacked the dramatic flair that was otherwise characteristically remarkable throughout the novel. The end is, in no way, disappointing, but it does not match the grandeur of the rest of the novel.

My Judgement:
Better than even some of the bestsellers on the block, this one deserves to be picked.

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