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Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Best Online Resources for Book Lovers

Media saturation can make it hard to figure out the difference between the good and the bad, and that goes for finding great reads as well. But lucky for modern readers, there are excellent sites out there to do the work for you—from great review sites to excellent literary journals online—and help you keep the focus on the good stuff.

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1.     Goodreads

If you aren’t yet acquainted with this book conglomerate, here’s a simple description: it’s the Travelocity for books. With synopses, reader reviews, recommended suggestions and more, it’s the ultimate stop for discovering your next favorite read and sharing what you thought about the last one. I would call it the modern replacement for the weekly book club—you can connect with friends, share reads, and rate books all on one fantastic site.
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2.     Obooko

Obooko is the resource for the thrifty reader—with over 2,000 contemporary titles to choose from, it’s the largest source of free eBooks on the market and essential for tablet readers. Books are available to download in any format, but use a Virtual Private Network when downloading over public WiFi areas, and you’re set with a secure connection and an excellent read. Check out all the genres they have here.

3.      The Millions

Offering book, art and culture coverage since 2003, this website is a great place to discover literature essays, new publications and the latest buzz in the literary world. The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Village Voice have given The Millions multiple thumbs-up, so you know it has got to be good.

4.      The Paris Review Daily

Any respected reader needs at least one literary magazine under her wing, and the Paris Review should be it. From bloggers, writers, poets, artists and more, this magazine isn't just about producing the next big thing; it's about getting under the skin of the artist behind it. With the Paris Review Daily, readers get a daily offering of the genius that the magazine regularly cultivates, and it only takes one read to fall in love with their curated choices.

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5.     Page-Turner

For the reader open to different mediums in the literary world, Page-Turner offers an excellent podcast to supplement its reviews, takedowns and great essays to captivate its audience.

Whether you’re a traditional reader with a printed-copy-only rule or a techie favorite who loves all the gadgets, these five choices are destined to open up new passages to your favorite hobby. Happy reading! 

This is a Guest Post by Caroline @ Culture Coverage

Caroline is part bibliophile and part culture lover, and she lives to combine her two favorite hobbies into one. She’s a digital nomad and entertainment writer for Culture Coverage. You can follow her literary favorites and recommendations on Twitter
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