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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A New Bookstore In (Virtual) Town: BOOKLE is India's first online bookstore for kids. And who am I kidding, I read children's books even now, so nothing really comes as a surprise.

My experience with Bookle:
The search was pretty easy.

There was a filter for price.

Shipping is free only for order above Rs 500, which is not a bad deal, considering that I would definitely buy a bunch of books and not just one.

The collection is adorable.

They let you sell books you bought from Bookle only, at 50% of the price.

Here's the bunch I ordered, and that arrived promptly, and for 500, it wasn't a bad deal at all.
I had never read GooseBumps ever, so I ordered those, along with a copy of High School Musical.

I received the delivery in a fine state, and the quality is not bad at all. Traversing the portal wasn't difficult at all.

Here's what my purchase looked like!

The only surprise element that could also be a downside is the fact that you can never guess the actual condition of the books that you're going to receive. I received some of them in a really decent condition, but all of them reeked of a used-rugged smell and sight. They looked like they came from a library clearance. I think what could help in this case is posting pictures of the actual products. Which also brings me to another glitch, that the pictures are pixelated. Had the pictures been clearer, I could have made wiser decisions.

The prices, for this condition, do seem higher, especially when we can get these books at this quality at Sunday markets, among other cheap deals.

But children's books are a tricky affair and this website will definitely untie some knots of the trick here.
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