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Monday, 1 August 2016

Book Review: Take One More Chance by Shriya Garg

About the book:
Title: Take One More Chance
Paperback, First, 426 pages
Published January 2011 by Mahaveer Publishers
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 4/5
BlurbWhen Naina is set the daunting task of finding her Mr Right, her siblings and best friend offer to help. But after sending every man she meets to the hospital, she finds herself falling for the one she cannot stand. This is the intriguing and hilarious love story of Naina Kashyap and her arch enemy.
About the author
The author bio is from Juggernaut, the app where I read this book! They are  a mobile-first publishing company started by Chiki Sarkar and Durga Raghunath, aiming to give authors and books a physical as well as a digital platform. 

My Review:

This one was a couple-hours long read. And a thorough entertainer nevertheless.
While the plot was a giveaway right from the blurb, it was interesting to see how the plot panned out.

There is an uncanny pleasure (sadistic?) I derive from stories that revolve around finding THE ONE. Any story around this theme inexplicably cracks me up, and there's no dearth of humor in them either. The world has been very dynamic and the approach to relationships has undergone a huge change, but a section Indian parents have not moved even a bit from their concerns. And that's nothing short of hilarious. Because it is so painfully real to life, there's some fun involved in casually reading these tales. The plots are a treat always, in that they are always interspersed with jokes, amateurish frustration and healthy banter. The protagonists Naina and Aditya were endearing right from the start, and the other characters were just as pivotal as they were a good company.
There was a slight need of lubricants in the scene that linked the plot to the opening lines, rest was all a thorough joyride.

Bonus: I loved reading it on the Juggernaut app, which is super-comfortable and convenient.

Links to the book:

Source of the review copy: Juggernaut app

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