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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Book Review: Dream Job by Janet Garber

About the book:

Title: Dream Job, Wacky Adventures of an HR Manager
Paperback, 178 pages
Published March 16th 2016 by Janet Garber via Lulu
Rating: 4/5

Blurb: Single sexless Melanie Kohl's trying to keep it all together at Axis Mundi Medical Center in NYC where misbehaving doctors and immoral staff line up outside her HR office for solace and solutions. Hey, she's got her own problems! Where is her life? Just as she's starting to melt down . . .

Join Melie for a wild ride through a landscape dotted with comical mishaps, murder, and romance. Will she learn to balance work and life? Have you?

About the author
Janet Garber
Janet Garber toiled in the trenches as a HR exec in NYC for xx years, using those experiences to indulge in her prime passion: Writing. She focused on careers (WSJ, NY Post, trade journals), reviewed new books ( and, movies (Stage and Cinema, Senior Film Files), and published a non-fiction book, assorted articles, essays, poems, short fiction, and, in March 2016, her first novel, Dream Job, Wacky Adventures of an HR Manager.

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My Review:
I will start from the cover of the book. It has management and HR written all over it.
With a silhoutte of a face and dream job inscribed on it, it is hard to miss the irony and the multiple meanings lent to it.

At first I found it an exercise and a tough one to delve under the skin of the book but there was an inundation of names making it a bit tougher for me to get through without going back every 5 sentences or so.
But then the humor and the cases of HR take over, and my reading caught up speed.
There's the tricky area of sexual harassment cases, and makes me want to double up how grievance redress can be so annoying and for the lack of a better word, cathartic at the same time.

The protagonist is an interesting portrait herself who at one point was just okay with the idea of having a boyfriend, but as it turns out romance isn't every ones domain of expertise.
Bottom line: the job of an HR manager is not an easy one. If anything, it is the resignation to a morbid tell-tale of people's complaints and dealing with the most difficult creatures on this planet: humans. Oh the relief it is to have defused a major catastrophe.

Her subway escapades had me sympathising with her. And the description was so life like.

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  1. Thank you so much, Kritika. Here's to the most difficult creatures on earth!


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